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What is FunToad ?

A platform providing new artistic dimensions for artists by harnessing the power of mobile devices in live events

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Create a new Interactive Multi-Sensory Experience

Turn spectators into participants

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About FunToad

FunToad is the next step in the natural evolution for experiencing live performances. It’s a breakthrough experience, engaging the audience and the performer in a new artistic dimension by using the mobile devices as part of the show and giving the audience the opportunity to participate and make the moment more exciting and immersive.

FunToad harnesses the devices by controlling them using the FunToader, our main controller, it can send videos, images, sounds, colors, vibration, light & text to any device, iOS or Android with the FunToad App installed on, in a synchronized manner, single channel or multi-channel. FunToad expands the stage to the entire venue.

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