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What is FunToad ?

A system designed to send data and commands, in real time, to an unlimited number of mobile devices participating in an event.

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Create a new Interactive Multi-Sensory Experience

Turn spectators into participants

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About FunToad

FunToad is a platform providing new artistic and content dimensions by using the power of mobile devices in live events.

  • Send messages, images, sounds, and videos with precise timing and synchronization.
  • Create visual effects using the devices' screens and camera flashes.
  • Create unique surround sounds using the devices' speakers.
  • Send text translations simultaneously in a variety of languages.

Using their mobile devices, the audience becomes part of the event, enriching it and adding new artistic dimension. The audience gets a unique experience by active participation in the event. FunToad opens a new communication channel between the event organizers and the audience. It is the next step in the natural evolution of live events.

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