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Let's get Personal

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Posted by  Tuesday, 03-01-2016
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So we are FunToad and behind this name there's a story, there's people, vibe and a vision. our philosophy is always to stay personal, always to remind ourselves that although we communicate virtually most of the time and everything we expose is well positioned, neat and thoughtfully designed, each and everyone of us is a person with a whole world of imagination and desires, dreams and hopes, and a story, a personal story.

Our Blog, Our People, Our Story

This blog is about to tell you the story, each one of us, the team which is creating FunToad, is going to share his story, his vision, his thoughts, through it you will become a part of FunToad's journey, a magical journey that started with a spark in 2009 and became a company two years ago, a journey with ups and downs, sunshine and storms, a journey of a company that is going to change the way people experience live music, shows and events. A journey of a team that truly believes that the future of live concerts is being shaped right now, a team that decided to take part in shaping it and making it's dream everyone's reality.

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