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FunToad with Noa

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Posted by  Wednesday, 06-22-2016
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“We discovered that the audience found it to be quiet natural to move the focus between the device's screen and the stage, it looked like it's something which is easily adopted and does not interfere with the performance. It adds another layer to the experience"

On May 20 & 21 we FunToaded two shows with the amazing international singer NOA, in Israel at "Zappa Herzelia" and "Zappa Jerusalem". The shows hosted the "Solis string quartet" from Naples, Italy, and the majority of the songs were Neapolitan songs sung in Italian, this is where FunToad made the difference. The audience were mostly Hebrew speaking and almost none understand Italian. FunToad provided synchronized live multilingual subtitles, displaying line by line through the app, for 10 songs, in the native language of the personal mobile device.

The first thing we wanted to understand was how does a person behave when the mobile device is in front of him for the whole show and how does he manage with the focus, moving between the stage and the device. We discovered that when the device has a specific task and it's screen is dark, with minimum brightness, it doesn't draw attention during the parts its not operating and it even creates a better situation in the venue. Compared to devices without FunToad that occasionally light up for all kind of reasons which disturbs the spectators. The second thing we discovered was that the audience found it to be quiet natural to move the focus between the device's screen and the stage, it looked like it's something which is easily adopted and does not interfere with the performance. It adds another layer to the experience. The younger the spectators are, the quicker they understand and adjusts themselves to this experience. Another important thing we learned during those shows is that the performer feels very comfortable with the audience having the devices on during the whole show, because it becomes part of the whole experience and the focus stays mainly on the stage and on the performer.

The acceptance rate was surprisingly high and a significant majority of the audience downloaded, installed and used FunToad during the show. Noa's Audience, for the first time, understood the lyrics for songs they know so well but never knew what they meant.

funtoad_noa  funtoad_noa2

We are very pleased with the results of these shows and want to thank NOA, Gil Dor & Solis string quartet from the bottom of our hearts for the brave decision of adopting our technology and giving us the opportunity to be part of their magical shows.

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