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FunToad in Kiev with the Bloom Twins

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Posted by  Thursday, 06-30-2016
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"Wow, it was like a dream, the audience looked like a sky full of twinkling stars, they all showed us their phones, it was breathtaking!"

May 26th, Tileyard Studios in London,Thursday morning, I have a meeting with Lenka Chubuklieva, a music manager as I’ve been told. I enter the meeting room and I see the biggest smile I`d seen in a long time, I gave my pitch and the smile became even bigger, "We have a show of the Bloom Twins in Kiev on Monday, I want FunToad to be part of this show, can you do it?", I looked at her smile again and said "of course we can, let's do magic". Just when I left the room I understood that we will really need magic to accomplish that, it's in 3 days, in an unknown territory, we have no content prepared, we don't know the artists, no technical details, the weekend is about to start and we're in London. These are more or less the replies I got from the rest of the team, after I texted them, telling them about this gig. but it took only in 5 minutes for us to understand that it`s going to happen and we have to do magic, and so we did. We returned to Israel on Friday and the content was prepared in 24 hours after receiving all materials from Lenka, She took care of all the travel arrangements till Saturday evening and a WiFi network supplier in Kiev was located and briefed. We were on the plane on Sunday afternoon, got to Kiev at night and met Juzzee, the local promoter of the show, and one more magician joined the team.

We woke up Monday morning and from that moment on, everything went crazy. The network supplier didn't have what he promised, The venue technicians, trying to help us by changing some stuff in the local network, had created more problems. for the whole day the feeling was that FunToad won't be able to operate in the show, but as I mentioned we came there to do magic so we couldn't give up trying to find solutions. I won't go through everything that happened that day but at 19:30, an hour before doors open the system was up and waiting for the beginning of the show, MAGIC.

The show was amazing, the audience almost flew through the roof by the twins, and FunToad functioned perfectly in 8 songs, playing video, sound, lyrics, colors, vibration and lights. there were some issues concerning the audience understanding of how to use FunToad in every song, it took part in. We prepared some slides for the big screens to help them but it wasn't good enough. The major problem was that the audience couldn't see themselves on the big screen when using the multi-color effects and the light effects, so they didn't really understood what`s happening and some of them gave up after a short while. We also, couldn't see these effects, because we were in the front of house, so we as the audience didn't know if it`s really happening.

 funtoad-bloomtwins5  funtoad-bloomtwins4.jpg funtoad-bloomtwins6

At the end of the show, we were happy because of the great achievement of technically making it all work through the whole show, but on the other hand we felt a bit disappointed for not knowing if the mass effects really happened. We started walking towards the dressing rooms and then, the twins came out of the room, very excited, running toward us, hugging us and saying "wow, it felt like a dream, the audience looked like a sky full of twinkling stars, they all showed us their phones, it was breathtaking!" So it did work :) it could be seen only from the stage but it really worked.

We learned a lot from this show and we want to thank Lenka, Juzzee and the Bloom Twins for believing and trusting us to deliver what we promised. Thank you and we are waiting impatiently for the next show of the twins.

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