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Marathon Artists LABs Demo Day

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Posted by  Friday, 07-08-2016
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Marking the completion of its first 6 month incubator program, MarathonArtists LABs held a demo-evening in London on July 6"

With generous support from the Music Managers Forum (MMF) and the Association of Independent Music (AIM), MarathonArtists LABs hosted a demo-evening at Tileyard Studios on Wednesday July 6th 2016

MarathonArtists LABs works with startups to fast track their product development with artists. Since January, the incubator has accelerated six hand-picked startups form across Europe, Israel and the US with products relevant for artists and music managers. One startup, StageLink, won the 2016 Midem Lab competition in Cannes. All six of these startups are due to launch this summer. This event marks the end of MarathonArtists LABs’ first 6 month cycle and will provide attendees a special opportunity to witness the music business’ newest technologies. 

So it was our big day, 6 months of participating in the accelerator program are about to finish and we have a 5 minutes pitch for 150 selected figures from the music industry in London. It was a stressful week, rehearsing our new pitch, finalized just a few days ago. I was literally walking the streets of London, mumbling the pitch constantly, on the flight to London, I played the pitch in a loop and fell asleep with it for 3 hours. On Tuesday we had a pitch for a big ad agency and I had this stupid blackout after 5 words, I got out of it somehow and the rest was quiet good. Wednesday arrived, rehearsing from early, then last rehearsal on the stage and the event was about to begin, we were the fourth company to pitch. I was waiting for my turn in the back of the room, nervous, mumbling, and fully focused and then I was called to the stage. We prepared a pitch which is personal, I talked about myself and what led me to be on the stage pitching for FunToad, It`s the true story of my life and it worked. People like to feel the person more than the technology, they relate better to a personal story and they listen. After I got their attention, the technology part came in and everyone knew I understood what I was talking about, so it was easier for them to trust me and the technology. The beginning of the pitch was funny, I started it perfectly and when I got to the second sentence saying I was on a stage even when I was still in the womb, someone from the first row started laughing and I started laughing, it was a nice moment but decided to stop the pitch and start again from the top. it was a good decision because it got me and the audience back to focus and the pitch came out almost perfect. The following day we had two more pitches that were perfect.

marathon_demoday2  marathon_demoday3 marathon_demoday_

We can say the demo day was very successful for us, the pitch was clear and attractive and we got a lot directions from it, which are being processed now and I hope they will lead us to more exciting projects, FunToading performances around the world.

The MarathonArtists LABs program is over but the partnership with Marathon will continue in a different phase, creating together the new way of experiencing live performances.

We want to thank MarathonArtists LABs for believing in us a putting us on the right track.

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