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FunToad at Berklee Valencia

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Posted by  Friday, 07-15-2016
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The creative idea that the Berklee team developed was great, they really understood the platform and the way it should work with the stage performance,"

During our appearance at Sonar+D in Barcelona we met a wonderful guy from Valencia,  Pierluigi Barberis the Academic and Information Technology Manager in the Valencia campus of the Berklee college of music. He was very excited to find FunToad and immediately understood the creative potential and decided he wants to use FunToad on July 9th, in the Berklee graduation night that took place in L'Hemisfèric at the Ciudad de las Artes It is surely the most beautiful venue in Valencia and maybe even in Spain. We were so proud to be part of this prestigious institution event and immediately started preparing everything we needed to make it happen in the best way we can. We skinned our app to feel as the Berklee app and for the first time gave our specification for the content to the client .They prepared all the content and it worked perfectly. The idea was to have FunToad operate in the intermission, as a test and as a teaser to make people download and install the app, so we ran some slides and before the last song of the performance the Dean came on stage, congratulated the graduates and guests and reminded the audience to click "Join the Show" to participate in the finale. The campus team also communicated about FunToad using their Facebook channels and printed leaflets that were given to the audience when entering the venue. For this gig we installed our own Wi-Fi system that can handle an audience of 1500 people. we had 400 installs out of 600 attendees in the venue during the first hour before the show and during the intermission, it worked smoothly and the network handled it perfectly. The creative idea that the Berklee team developed was great, they really understood the platform and the way it should work with the stage performance, the finale was a tribute to Prince, a mash up, created by the graduates and performed by all of them. The song started with Prince's audio bits coming out of the devices, multi-channel bits, so everyone got a different sound and Prince was talking from all the devices, then a video of Prince played on the devices screens and at the end of this video it "moved" to the big screens on stage. A light came on and the stage performance started, by doing it this way the audience focus was managed and their eyeballs moved from their devices to the stage exactly as planned by the director. During the song we played more videos parallel to what was playing on the big screens, the vibration was working synced with the beat and at the climax of the number. At the end, we planned to do the mass effects, when the audience raises their devices towards the stage and the screens are showing blinking colors and lights, but again we ran into the same problem we had in Kiev, the cameras director screened only the stage, the audience couldn't see the effect and they closed their devices, so this effect didn't really happen, although we discussed it with the director prior to the show, he forgot and we didn't pay enough attention to make it happen. We already know now, what we have to do in our next gig to make it happen and we are going to do it. 

berklee_venue  berklee_prepare  

We can surely say that technically it was the smoothest gig we ever had, everything went as it should, there were no surprises or major problems. The creative was also great and executed perfectly, the only problem we had, was with the end part and the mass effect that didn't happen, because of not showing the effect to the audience while the devices were not facing them.

We want to thank Pier Barberis, Alayna Hughes and the whole Berklee team for inviting us to be part of this amazing night and we are looking forward for our next cooperation

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