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We can surely say it was worth it for us, for three days we had been surrounded by our potential users, customers and investors, in an amazing vibe of a never ending party"

"Wow, it was like a dream, the audience looked like a sky full of twinkling stars, they all showed us their phones, it was breathtaking!"

Posted by Wednesday, 06-22-2016
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FunToad with Noa

“We discovered that the audience found it to be quiet natural to move the focus between the device's screen and the stage, it looked like it's something which is easily adopted and does not interfere with the performance. It adds another layer to the experience"

Posted by Monday, 04-25-2016
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Marathon Labs accelerator

“FunToad may sound like a purely-for-fun app, but Mikaoui says that’s the point: it’s an app that fans may genuinely want to download to their phones, to become part of the show."

“I Thank you for allowing me to bring together the beauty of language with language and in this manner, to bring people closer, in the hope that your wonderful and important project will become a bridge between cultures.

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