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Posted by Thursday, 07-21-2016


Magnetic is a boutique video network specialising in the music, film and photography verticals. The company launches, grows and co-owns channels on open video and social media platforms. Magnetic provides content optimisation services for music clients on YouTube, enabling revenue maximisation for audio and video assets through inventory analysis combined with targeted rights management. Services are provided in exchange for a share of the revenue generated.

A leading team of translators, proofreaders and language consultants based in the very heart of London, amid the many creative agencies that thrive there. Got more than a decade’s worth of experience helping international clients.

But there’s more.

As well as being native-language professionals, with all the industry-defining qualifications you’d expect, the translators share another vital quality: a restless interest in the world around them. Each has a deep affinity with brands, a sensitivity to the demands of any given medium, plus a knack of understanding what makes an audience tick.

In addition to mastery of a specific language and culture, each translator has their own specialist areas of expertise, from youth culture to consumer trends to classical music. This informs the work and enriches the creativity no matter what they translating.

Verboo also have strong links to the worlds of brand marketing and creative communications, and many of their project managers hail from that background. The bigger a brand is, the harder it needs to work in order to retain its agility, to maximise the true potential of its connection to consumers, and that’s where their approach comes into its own.

It’s this richness of thought, outlook and specialism that allows Verboo to assemble the perfect translation team for any particular project.

It allows them to ask the right questions, to understand the wider business context.

It equips them to challenge the accepted way of doing things.

It means they learn and grow with each new project, and love what we do.

It’s what makes Verboo… Verboo.

Floviral owns over 50 million followers across social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine in a multitude of themes. These accounts have up to 1M followers in total, which provides the ability to create genuine conversations with all followers, allowing them to push products, apps, and causes. The campaigns are delivered in a very genuine and unique way by creating content that peaks the followers’ interests, causing them to interact with it genuinely which creates a very prized “viral” effect that makes promotional content trending.

Ruckus Wireless is a pioneer in the wireless infrastructure market, enabling carriers and enterprises to stay ahead of the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services. The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology redefines what’s possible in wireless network performance with flexibility, reliability, and affordability.

MarathonArtists LABs accelerates startup product development in music & media technology

They target product-ready applications that optimise the exposure of creators’ work and its monetisation. The program is run by Marathon Artists, an independent music label based in Tileyard London.

Posted by Wednesday, 07-15-2015


Chainvine will give you secure identity assertion enabling control of assets for example intellectual property. Once enabled, an artist can assert control over their assets from songs to concert tickets. Artists can maintain control in real-time and even transfer those rights to the people they choose to. After the artist has asserted their identity and managed their assets, Chainvine ensures the payment of royalties.

Posted by Wednesday, 07-15-2015


Stagelink, the fan-powered tour promoter, crowdsources live events, leveraging millions of online followers to create successful offline shows and tours. On Stagelink, artists and managers track fan-driven, real-time demand to plan, pre-finance, and de-risk tours, while reaching highly engaged audiences. Launched in Germany in 2014, Stagelink now counts 150 creators who collected 100,000 fan requests and sold tickets for $500,000 on the platform. In the following months Stagelink is going to expand internationally to help more and more creators all over the world to create fun, profitable events.

Posted by Wednesday, 07-15-2015


Festyvent is a platform to enable promoters and touring artists to better engage and monetize their audiences before, during and after events. It does so by providing essential event-app capabilities to fans and audiences whilst capturing 1st party data for the acts and events they attended for immediate retargeting and retargeting for future events. Monetizing opportunities are further increased through simplification of at event sales and interactive sponsorship capabilities. Promoters and artists can easily use Festyvent’s white label app and supporting CMS and data platform for their events and tours. Alternatively these same capabilities can be integrated into a existing event and artist apps

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